Fisheries and Aquaculture in Norway January 2021

Globally, fisheries and aquaculture production is an important source of accessible nutritious food, and a basis of
livelihoods. It is also a key driver of coastal and rural economic well-being. However, overfishing, illegal fishing and
the combined effects of ocean-based activities and climate change on resources and ecosystems put the sector at risk
and undermine the resilience of those relying on it in many places. Improving fisheries and aquaculture management
is crucial to ensure future generations continue to benefit from Ocean resources and ecosystem services.
The country notes of the OECD Review of Fisheries 2020 present each country’s situation in brief and identify
best policy practices and reform pathways. These notes can also inform dialogue on progress towards internationallyadopted goals and targets with respect to sustainable fisheries and aquaculture management and support policies.…/report_cn_fish_nor.pdf